Program Maastricht AF: Crossing Borders, 6th Edition

Friday April 3, 2015

During the elective third day of the symposium, interested participants will be able to practice what they have seen during the official program by means of a “wet lab” and models/simulators. These hands on sessions will be organized in cooperation with our sponsors in the EMTRAC training facilities.

Please note that there is only a limited number of seats available for this day.

Program Hands-On training

Training 1 Hands‐on Experience on Stand Alone Hybrid AF Treatment by Cris Ullmann & Bart Maesen Atricure
Training 2 Cryoblation by Guido Overhof & Justin Luermans Medtronic
Training 3 Endocardial approach by Remco Boonstra & Debbie Wilkens Biosense Webster
Training 4 3D topography of the heart and its surrounding structures in relation to AF ablation by Andreas Herrler & Laurent Pison in cooperation with MediCorporate
and PS MedTech
*Accreditation: NVT - 24 points
                      NvvC - 17 points