About Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+)

The Cardiovascular Center

The Cardiovascular Center (CVC) and Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) aim to provide excellence in cardiovascular patient care, research and education.

The integration of the medical center and research institute is a guarantee for our success and the achievement of our ambitions in prevention, care, cure, teaching and discovering.

Our mission is supported by high-quality and innovative healthcare, our dedication for excellent research and our appreciation of individual responsibility, mutual respect and collaboration.

We therefore invest in our patients' future by combining the highest level of care, research and education. In addition, we aim to train and recruit upcoming specialists, researchers, nurses and others who support these activities.

Our center is one of the leading centers in cryocatheter ablation of the arrhythmia as well as combined minimal invasive surgery to eliminate arrhythmias and the stroke risk. In addition, our center performs targeted transoesophagial echocardiography and biomarker assessment to improve stroke prevention.

A unique collaboration between intervention cardiologists and surgeons aiming to combine their most successful techniques ensures that patients receive better treatment, with fewer operative traumas. The procedures are carried out in what is called an 'endosuite' or 'hybrid room,' which combines advanced online imaging with the possibilities offered by an OR.

For further information, see www.mumc.nl and www.hartenvaatcentrum.nl

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